This intermediate integrated skills course is designed to help students improve their writing, reading, speaking, and listening for academic purposes. The course will also assist students in recognizing grammatical difficulties that second language learners often encounter. Students will be required to read, write, and speak on a variety of topics related to content courses in academia. Other requirements may include the reading of and response to various literary works by American and British authors.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, students will:


1. be able to produce an analysis of a literary work

2. use reading strategies such as clustering, previewing, skimming and scanning to gain a holistic understanding of the text.

3. find the thesis statement and topic sentences within readings.

4. identify the author’s point of view and purpose

5. locate and identify specific supporting details within a passage.

6. draw conclusions based on information in the passage (inference).

7. be more efficient readers through the use of pre-reading, and post-reading strategies


8. Practice note taking while listening to oral instructions, explanations, or reports

9. Complete four self-analysis worksheets that compare fluency and pronunciation with a native speaker


10. be a productive group member by participating in various problem solving situations/discussions and offering personal opinions.

11. provide clear oral reports/summaries of group and individual work or projects

12. complete four fluency and pronunciation exercises

Grammar: (contextual practice in writing and reading)

13. build compound and complex sentences

14. distinguish between passive and active voice

15. practice using modal auxiliaries

16. perform error correction activities through self-analysis and peer revision worksheets


17. understand and use the writing process (brainstorming, planning, outlining, drafting, revising, editing, and final draft)

18. understand an awareness of topic, audience, and purpose

19. develop and support direct thesis statements

20. Complete two 45-minute, in-class essays

21. write two academic essays, in a five paragraph theme, focusing on organization and development for

a. informative

b. summary/reaction


· Quiz 1 – (12.5%)

o Test of Written English (TWE)

· Assignments, Attendance, and Participation (25%)

o Four speaking and listening exercises

o Two in-class essays with peer review

o Daily attendance and participation

o Additional participation via the blog

· Mid Semester Test (25%)

o Literary analysis reading test with summary/reaction essay (article)

· Final Exam (37.5%)

o Final TWE (Draft, revisions, editing, and final draft in class)

Grading Scale: